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About Us

Darien Fencing Club, Inc. is a member of the United States Fencing Association and is a fully-insured organization

We offer group fencing lessons to children ages 7 – 13.

Darien Fencing Club is started by Jeffrey Binder in 2010 because he and his wife Cindy wanted to share marvels of this great sport with kids who otherwise would never have been exposed to fencing. The Binder family, with its three fencing kids, Sylvie, Abby, and Zach, know first-hand how the sport is the perfect combination of physical skill and mental strategy. They invite you to give it a try!

Our Core Philosophy :

Sports should develop good health, good character, demonstrate the power of teamwork as well as individual achievements, and…

be fun!

Foremost, fencing should be fun for kids!


Why the emphasis on fun?

It’s simple – if the children don’t have fun participating in the program here at Darien Fencing Club, they will not continue long enough to develop the skills necessary to do well in the sport.

This is why we spend a portion of every class in games or play. But if you look closely – the games are teaching something about footwork, strategy, and the basic skills essential to being a good fencer.




Strong Coaching is Key:

We believe that having the right coach is critical to success in the sport and to the childrens’ desire to stick with it. Our coaches are not only accomplished fencers (former Olympians, National Champions and Master rated coachs), but more importantly, they love teaching and pass on their enthusiasm and passion to the students.

With proper coaching, students will develop good technique. But equally important, they are taught the most valuable lesson in any sport – good sportsmanship. We take as much pride in teaching good sportsmanship as we do in teaching good fencing.

Even the youngest of fencers can benefit from the sport in ways many adults come to appreciate later in life. For example, if you do your best, and learn from both victory and defeat, at the end of the day, you win.




VFW Hall, 205 Noroton Avenue, Darien

Tel: (203) 539-6359 Fax: (914) 307-1900