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Some TIPS to watching Fencing

Fencing is physically and mentally demanding, where speed, strength, footwork, finger-work and psychology are
essential to winning. These following hints should be helpful in giving you an eye for the game:

  • Do not try to watch both fencers, focus on one fencer only (maybe even, cheer for them).
  • The fencer who moves forward first is usually considered to be the attacker; this is usually accompanied with the blade point being directed towards the opponent’s target area.
  • The attacker’s blade move may be parried (the blade is moved out of the line of attack) and the defender may then immediately riposte (attempt to hit the attacker).
  • A fencer is defending when taking steps back, or when parrying and riposting.
  • Watch the footwork, and notice how fencers try to maintain distance in order to either launch an attack with a lunge or to assure their defense if the opponent attacks. (The fencer with the best footwork usually wins.)
  • Try to recognize the split second in which the fencer you are watching tries to provoke a counter action or a reaction from the opponent.
  • To follow the actions in Foil and Sabre watch the Referee and make note of his hand actions.
  • Also watch the small controlled movements of the Fencer’s hands as the tiny movements they make can take years to learn.